You can feel free to choose from the following services:

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Interior and exterior wash:


Air compress crevices | Wipe surfaces | Vacuum | Clean windows | Add fragrance | Gloss tires | Blacken wheel wells

Wash and wax:


Interior and exterior wash | Machine wax, including leather conditioning and exhaust polishing

Full detail:


Interior and exterior wash | Machine wax | Auto carpet shampoo | Engine detail

Check out our extra auto detailing services

Check out our extra auto detailing services

We also offer a few additional auto detailing services. Our extra services include:

  • Leather cleaning and conditioning: $30-$60
  • Auto carpet shampooing: $30-$70
  • Upholstery steam cleaning: Pricing varies
  • Surface sanitizing: $25-$50
  • Engine detailing: $25-$50
  • Clay bar cleaning: Pricing varies
  • Hot water extracting: Pricing varies
  • Headlight restoration: $40-50 per lense
  • Scratch removal: price varies

Let us know if you’d like to add another service to your mobile auto detailing service. Get in touch with Hi-Line Detailing now to schedule full auto detailing services in Charlotte, NC.